This is the home page of Aster Glenn Gray, author of queer historical romances and fairy tale retellings (among other things.)

Find me elsewhere on the web on Twitter or Dreamwidth! I’m more active on both those sites; this is just a compendium of my books.

Latest Books

The Larks Still Bravely Singing

The Great War cost Robert his left leg and his first love. A shattering breakup leaves Robert convinced that he is a destructive force in romantic relationships. When he finds himself falling in love with David, an old friend from boarding school, he’s sure that he shouldn’t confess his feelings. But as their meandering conversations … Continue reading The Larks Still Bravely Singing

Enemies to Lovers

Handcuffed together. Only one bed. Which will win: Megan and Sarah’s sizzling sexual attraction, or their compulsion to correct each other’s atrocious fandom opinions? Shy library science student by day, fanfic writer by night, Megan is thrilled when she discovers her new crush Sarah shares her favorite fandom. Smart, gorgeous, and brashly confident in her … Continue reading Enemies to Lovers