Enemies to Lovers

Handcuffed together. Only one bed. Which will win: Megan and Sarah’s sizzling sexual attraction, or their compulsion to correct each other’s atrocious fandom opinions?

Shy library science student by day, fanfic writer by night, Megan is thrilled when she discovers her new crush Sarah shares her favorite fandom. Smart, gorgeous, and brashly confident in her thoughts on fandom, Sarah is Megan’s dream girl… until Megan realizes that Sarah is also her Tumblr nemesis, who called Megan’s popular ongoing fic “the cancer that is killing fandom.” Clearly, they must never speak again.

But when a writing club exercise leaves them handcuffed together, they have no choice but to duke out their differences, until they reach an agreement on the most important question of all: is hatesex as insanely hot in real life as it is in fic? (Yes. Yes, it is, at least in this steamy f/f novelette.)

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Care and Feeding

An m/m short story. In high school, Gabriel and Dmitri were friends (and maybe more than friends), until Dmitri’s family abruptly disappeared. Years later, they reconnect, but they can’t figure out how to move from friendship to romance until Gabriel’s pet winged dog lends a paw.

Previously published in His Magical Pet: Benefit M/M Story Collection; now updated and expanded (with a sex scene!).

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At the height of the Cold War, a Soviet and an American agent fall in love.

Soviet agent Gennady Matskevich is thrilled when he’s assigned to work with American FBI agent Daniel Hawthorne. There’s just one catch: Gennady’s abusive boss wants him to honeytrap his American partner. Gennady doesn’t want to seduce his new American friend for blackmail purposes… but nonetheless, he can’t stop thinking about kissing Daniel.

FBI agent Daniel Hawthorne is delighted to get to know an agent from the mysterious Soviet Union… and determined not to repeat his past mistake of becoming romantically involved with a coworker. But soon, Daniel finds himself falling for Gennady. Can their love survive their countries’ enmity?

Content warning: sexual harassment and assault by a secondary character, period-typical homophobia (probably less homophobia than is strictly historically accurate, but this is a romance novel, not Giovanni’s Room), implied/referenced suicide, messy polyamory.

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The Time-Traveling Popcorn Ball

Eleven-year-old Piper’s been having a rough 2013. But when Piper chases a popcorn ball fifty years back in time, she meets Rosie, who greets Piper as an old friend. Although this is Piper’s first visit to the past, it’s far from the first time that Rosie has seen Piper. As Rosie explains to Piper, “It’s time travel! Do you expect things to happen in order?”

The two girls swiftly become best friends. Together they eat cake, make snow angels, talk about books, slip back in time to witness a bootleggers’ shootout, and learn how to fly during a trick-or-treating session on Halloween.

But Piper’s sister Angela doesn’t believe that Rosie exists – and soon Piper herself is worried that she won’t be able to visit Rosie much longer. Piper, Rosie says, is always eleven during their visits… and soon Piper will turn twelve.

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The Threefold Tie

Everything was fine till Jack fell in love with his former lover’s wife.

Shy Civil War veteran Jack never expected to be involved in an affair du coeur. It seemed like a minor miracle when he and his comrade-in-arms Everett became lovers – and a painful return to reality when Everett married his sweetheart, Sophie. And the situation is only more complicated now that Jack has fallen in love with Sophie, too.

When Everett found himself in love with Sophie, the proper thing for him to do was to end his dalliance with Jack and marry her. But even though everyone says it’s impossible to be in love with two people at once, Everett has never really gotten over Jack.

Sophie’s unconventional family has shown her that love is not always simple. But she’s still startled to find herself responding to Jack’s very obvious crush – and to realize that Everett, too, still has feelings for Jack. How can they navigate nineteenth century romantic conventions and still find a satisfying arrangement?

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The Wolf and the Girl

A Little Red Riding Hood remix set in pre-Revolutionary Russia.

When a wounded wolf collapses on Masha’s doorstep, Masha nearly kills it before her grandmother convinces her that this wolf is a transformed human. Once transformed back, the wolf turned out to be Masha’s old friend Raisa, who has fallen afoul of a sorceress determined to use her magic to bring revolution to Russia.

After a brutal confrontation with the sorceress, Masha and Raisa flee to France. They develop an act that catches the eye of a film director, who casts them in a silent film adaptation of Little Red Riding Hood… which alerts the sorceress to their whereabouts in France.

Now the sorceress and her pack are coming for Raisa and Masha again. How can Raisa and Masha defeat their dark magic?

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Ashlin & Olivia

An f/f second chance romance about two young artists in love.

When young artist Olivia accompanied her Renaissance 101 class on a weeklong trip to Florence, she expected to encounter art history, not her own past. But on the night she arrives, Olivia runs into her old friend Ashlin in the shadow of Florence’s famous Duomo. 

Olivia and Ashlin’s intense junior high friendship left equally intense emotional scars when it collapsed years ago. But despite those painful memories, the two nonetheless begin to tentatively rebuild their friendship through discussions of art.  

Olivia slowly realizes that Ashlin has also changed a great deal over the years – and how much the pain of their final rupture had distorted her own memories of their passionate friendship. Most of all, she realizes that she’s in love with Ashlin. But does the elusive Ashlin love her back? And if she does, have they both grown up enough that they can avoid repeating the mistakes that destroyed their relationship in the past?

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An m/m World War II-era retelling of Beauty and the Beast.

During a chance summer shower, an English country parson takes refuge in a country house. The house seems deserted, yet the table is laid with a sumptuous banquet such as the parson has not seen since before war rationing.

Unnerved by the uncanny house, he flees, but stops to pluck a single perfect rose from the garden for his daughter – only for the master of the house to appear, breathing fire with rage. Literally.

At first, the parson can’t stand this dragon-man. But slowly, he begins to feel the injustice of the curse that holds the dragon captive. What can break this vengeful curse?

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